FREE 12 GB Youtube experience
(1GB each month for 12 months)
FREE music
FREE JOOX music experience
with no internet charge (12 months)
FREE live broadcast
Watch free live broadcast through VOOV
with no internet charge (12 months)
with no internet charge (12 months)
Unlimited FREE
with 5 GB full speed
FREE 500 MB internet
for unlimited chat experience
Call five AIS numbers
of your choice for only
10 satang per minute.
Terms of Use
  • Purchasing a ZEED SIM costing 50 Baht gives you a free bonus of 15 Baht with 30 validity days.
  • The call rate to all networks is 1 Baht/minute for the first minute, and 0.50 Baht/minute for 24 hours.
  • The call rate to your five special numbers within the AIS network is 0.10 Baht/minute for 24 hours.
  • To choose your special numbers, press *163 and dial, and do as directed (no service charge).
  • Changing your special numbers will incur a 10Baht fee/number (VAT exclusive).
  • Enjoy FREE internet for YouTube at 1 GB/month for 12 months.
  • Enjoy FREE internet for internet surfing at 500 MB/month for 12 months.
  • Enjoy Ookbee Comics. For Ookebee Comics experience, 500 MB data balance will be deducted per month.
  • Enjoy FREE unlimited internet for ROV and Headshot game experience at 1 Mbps maximum continuous speed for 12 months. (The FREE internet for ROV experience does not include chatting in ROV.)
  • For a FREE Headshot item, press *906*9# and dial within the first three days of your SIM activation. You will receive an SMS with an item code. (One item/number for the entire period of SIM use) For more information on Headshot, click
  • The AIS SUPER WiFi at maximum speed (650 Mbps) is for 5GB. When this allowance is used up, the speed is at 64 kbps for six months. To check your quota, press *199*9# dial. The AIS SUPER WiFi can be connected on AIS SMART, with one login user for one account. Get you WiFi account via SMS by pressing *388*1# dial. Check out automatic setting advice at and information on compatible devices and service areas at
  • Get FREE internet for music experience only on the JOOX application at maximum continuous speed of 512 Kbps and only on the VOOV application at maximum continuous speed of 1 Mbps 24 hours for a period of 12 months.
  • Exclusively for ZEED SIM customers (new customers only), get VIP JOOX code for one month at **For LIVE video broadcast through VOOV, the service starts on July 1, 2017**.
  • Exclusively for ZEED SIM customers, get special discounts or free monthly gifts from McDonald’s (Please check out more information at POS or other public relations media.)
  • New customers can enjoy special discounts or other privileges at McDonald’s after seven days of SIM activation.
  • The special privileges for ZEED SIM customers are only free for the first month. For the 2nd – 12th months, cumulative top-up must be at least 100 Baht in the previous month to be eligible for free special privileges in the next month.
  • Sending SMS is 2 Baht and MMS is 5 Baht per message. A megabyte internet costs 0.50 satang.
  • The charges are exclusive of 7% VAT.
  • The company reserves the right to change details and terms of use without prior notice.
  • For more information, visit
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